The Story You Want  To Tell is the business name of personal history services offered by Cynthia Rush who lives in Dayton, Ohio. A former reporter and freelance writer, Rush has assembled a team of professionals in the fields of graphic design, transcription and editing to help create a professional looking book you'll be proud to hand down through your family. 

Listening to people's stories is very personal. Each of us is a fabric of stories woven together - the story of the people who came before us and the story of how we made our way through the world.

What we love and who we love and how we love - these are the magical things that make us human beings. Ms. Rush works to preserve the voice of the person telling the story when creating a person's book by using their own words and phrases and ideas. The client directs their story as much as they are comfortable doing. Ms. Rush uses interviewing techniques to fill in gaps where needed. The rest is simply listening. Transcriptions of a person's exact words tell their story, along with photographs to illustrate the text. The person telling the story - the author - has final say on everything that goes into their book. 

Cynthia Rush won an Ohio Newspaper Association award for column writing. Her freelance stories have appeared in Columbus Dispatch, Middletown Journal, Dayton Daily News and elsewhere. She sorted through 1,000 over-the-transom manuscripts while working at Cosmopolitan Magazine during a college internship and, to everyone's surprise, found the first fiction story by an unknown writer published in the magazine in decades - perhaps since the beginning of Helen Gurley Brown's tenure as Cosmopolitan's editor.

Experiences at Cosmopolitan and Antioch Review gave Rush a discerning eye for the details that make stories interesting to others. She also worked as a staff reporter for suburban news publications in Columbus, Dayton and Franklin Ohio and in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Her affiliations include membership in the Association of Personal Historians (APH), volunteer work at Crossroads Hospice (as a writer in 2013) and communications services for Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors (DSPS - now called Dayton Society of Artists or DSA). Samples of her writing may be found by clicking here.


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